Executive Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Australian Farm Institute. The Institute was set up in December 2003 to conduct research into strategic issues facing Australian agriculture, and to promote the outcomes to policy-makers and the wider community. The Institute’s founders hold the view that the agriculture sector needs take responsibility for its own future directions by engaging in objective and credible policy research, rather than relying on Governments and policy-makers to come up with the best solutions.

Each year the Institute’s Research Advisory Committee identifies a small number of strategic issues, and the Institute develops research projects around these. The Institute then utilises funds contributed by members, leveraged with funds from other organisations, to commission or carry out the desired research.

Despite its relatively short history, Institute research outcomes have been influential in developing new approaches on a range of agricultural issues by governments. Institute staff are regularly called on to deliver presentations to government and industry conferences, and Government Departments figure prominently amongst Institute publication subscribers. Australian agribusiness organisations are also strong supporters of the Institute, seeing long-term value in getting the right policy settings for the sector.

These outcomes are confirming the founder’s perceptions of the need for the Australian Farm Institute, and the aim is to expand its operations in the future.

It is our hope that the material and information accessible from this website is stimulating, and promotes thinking and debate about some of the major issues facing Australian agriculture. Ultimately, objective information and informed debate are key tools in ensuring that policies are implemented that maximise the future profitability and sustainability of Australian agriculture.

Mick Keogh
Former Executive Director

NOTE: Founding Executive Director Mick Keogh resigned from the AFI at the end of May 2018 to take up a full-time role with the ACCC. The AFI Board appointed Richard Heath as Executive Director.